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White Marble Smudge Bowl Kit by Tiny Rituals


Soaked in potential and with harmonious healing vibes, this White Marble Smudge Bowl Kit comes with all the ingredients you need to cleanse your space. With a unique white marble smudge pot, natural sand, California White Sage smudge, and a smudging instruction card for guidance, you can chase out spiritual shadows, purify any place, and enjoy the bliss of brighter moods and sweeter sleep. 

“With this smudge pot, I welcome the energy of potential and shape my own sacred space”


The ancient art of smudging is a savvy reminder that you don’t have to live surrounded by energy that doesn’t serve you. Calling on the rich shamanic practice of using mother nature's herbs to create your own haven, this smudge set is a sublime way of cleansing negative energy, bringing clarity to your mind, fostering better rest and relaxation, and clearing bacteria from the air. This kit comes with White California Sage - known for its long silvery leaves and its ceremonial magic.

The White Marble Smudge Pot also brings its own healing properties to the table. White marble has been a beloved material since the days of Augustus and ancient Rome. It is known as the stone of potential as it is waiting to be sculpted and carved into something special. Its snow-white shades hold notes of purity and its cool-to-the-touch feel reminds us of the importance of keeping level headed when life hots up. 

The benefits of smudging are sweet and plentiful and cross the physical, emotional, and spiritual divide. Not only can smudging help to cleanse the air around you and actually purify negative ions but it can also give your brain a boost, clear out negativity and anxiety, and brings balance back to a place, person, or group.


  • Kit includes Smudge Bowl, Natural Sand, California White Sage Smudge, Smudging Card
  • Size: 5" diameter, 1.25" height
  • Material: Marble
  • Size, color & texture of stone may vary
  • Hand Made in India
  • Can be used for Smudge, Incense Resin, Incense Sticks & Cones

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