Edgartown, MA


Cityhome is a clothing, goods and accessories ordering platform that connects shoppers with independent boutiques, brands and artists in local communities to help you find the products that you're looking for.

Launched in Edgartown, Massachusetts in May 2020, we believe that when you shop and support small businesses, something powerful happens. You support local communities. 

There’s a ripple effect. Small businesses hire in their neighborhoods and hometowns, which means job creation in local communities. Small businesses focus on solving problems and supporting charities that largely impact local communities. And when small businesses succeed, it creates economic opportunities for generations to come. 

We also believe in creating a unique e-commerce shopping environment that highlights what's missing from traditional online shopping - the journey of discovery and the enjoyment of product curation. By uniting these unique in store experiences with technology, we are able to offer customers a high quality selection of hard to find products which are handpicked for them by exceptional curators.

Join us and support local communities by shopping small.