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Tree of Life Tapestry - Natural by Tiny Rituals

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Ancient roots, ancient history, and many shared meanings across many different cultures -there are few symbols as iconic and intricate as the Tree of Life. This natural Tree of Life tapestry pays homage to this essential image. Generous in size, you can turn to this tapestry at home or when on the move - use to adorn your walls, furniture, or bed or carry it into nature and use it on the beach or in the park.

“With this tapestry, I grow my branches of self-awareness while staying nourished from the earth”


Lovingly crafted in India from hand-loomed cotton, this Tree of Life Tapestry brings together beautiful color, spiritual significance, and so much more. The central icon of the tapestry is the famed Tree of Life - depicted in the classic fashion of the beautiful Banyan Tree with its elegant branches reaching for the heavens while its roots dig deep into the earth and form a channel of energy from this world to another.

The Tree of Life represents the oneness of everything. It is nourished by both the earth (like our bodies) and elevated by its connection with the cosmos (like our souls). It’s also a symbol of strength and prosperity because no matter how hard the storms rage, this tree will stay grounded. The Banyan Tree in particular is also a symbol of immortality and growing our branches of self-awareness through reflection, meditation, and the ability to soften our minds. This tapestry can serve as a visual reminder of this energy and keeps us connected to our core.

A full-size and joyful tapestry, you can carry this hand-loomed delight wherever you wish. Utterly enchanting and versatile, the tapestry can be used as a furniture covering, wall hanging, blanket for the bed or the garden, or wherever you want it to accompany you.  


  • 100%  Handloom Cotton 
  • Measures 88 inches x 104 inches - Full Size
  • Can be used for home decor, as a Blanket, Wall Covering, Table Cloth, Furniture Covering, Beach or Picnic Blanket 
  • Wash Cold Separately, Hang Dry
  • Made in India with Love

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