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Tree of Life Curtain - Natural by Tiny Rituals

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Celebrate rooted connection and the branches that extend from earth to the heavens with this Tree of Life Tie Curtain. Made in India with love, this beautiful and bright cotton curtain can transform a space and bring sacred meaning and color to any corner you choose. Classic Indian cotton comes adorned with an artistic rendition of the Banyan Tree - blessed with nourishment and provider of life for all.

“With this curtain, I create a sacred space to celebrate ancestry and to stay rooted”


The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol that still carries its vital meaning of ancestry, fertility, connection, and peace to this very day. The Banyan Tree is considered to be the Tree of Life as it symbolizes immortality with its aerial roots, solid foundation, and sacred leaves. It is the Banyan Tree that first nourished humanity with its precious milk in the beginning. 

The Tree of Life crosses cultures and meanings. It has a range of different symbology stashed within its branches. For some, it can be a reminder that we are all connected and that even the soil beneath our feet is connected to the sky above our heads so that we never need to feel alone. It can also signify the journeys we have taken, our ancestors, and the family and connections yet to come. It can signify strength, individuality, and the cyclical nature of standing strong through the changing seasons. 

For some, the Tree of Life simply signifies peace and rest. A place to gather thoughts, take shade or shelter, and honor the growth of new branches and possibilities that can unfold in front of us. This curtain pays homage to all that and more - inviting you to hang it someplace that requires these gentle vibrations. Visually stunning and energetically attuned, this natural Tree of Life curtain is cosmic in a thousand splendid ways.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Measures 44 inches x 88 inches
  • Wash Cold Separately, Hang Dry
  • Made in India with Love

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