Molly And Stitch US

Touch of Leather Retriever Dog Leash - Navy by Molly And Stitch US



Collar and Leash in one: Designed and hand crafted in Austria with love and passion, the "Touch Of Leather" Retriever Leash in Navy Blue combines exquisite style with the highest quality and practicality. Carefully designed for our dogs' enjoyment and the owner’s practicality, the Retriever Leash is extremely easy to attach and release from your dog. Due to the integrated stopper, the integrated collar can be individually adjusted, which allows for a perfect fit around your dog’s neck. An extremely soft leather handle finishes the Leash to perfection.


Size Length (Inches) Width (Inches)
S 19.7 in 0.8in
M 23.6 in 1.2 in
L 27.6 in 1.2 in

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