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Spirituality, & Purification Resin Incense Pack by Tiny Rituals


For thousands of years, in ceremonial spaces and private homes, burning incense for spirituality has been an honored healing practice. Whether you want to clear a space of negative energy, tap into your personal power, or ready the body and the mind for meditation practice - there are so many ways in which burning incense can help your spiritual nature to flourish. This spirituality pack comes with three different tins of beautiful resin incense, chosen for their high spiritual energy and their ability to cleanse a space and aid in meditation. For those who want to leap to celestial new heights.

“With this incense, I breathe deep, connect my sensory body with the spiritual and call on the cosmos to guide me”


Packed with spiritual purpose, this gift set comes complete with three different blends of beautiful incense made in the ancient and traditional way. Pure incense resin is one of the oldest ways of burning incense. Collected from a refined tree and botanical plant sap, these blends boast 100% pure natural ingredients to ignite your sense of smell, bring you back to the body, and boost your sense of clarity, purpose, and connection with higher beings. 

Blue Nile Resin - Beautiful in blue, this natural light gardenia resin is rich in healing energy and evocative in every way. Blue Nile Resin is a divine choice for those who want to call on their wisdom to look deep within, clear their pathways for inner peace, and nurture close and conscientious relationships with those around them. 

Kashmir Resin - An inspired blend of sweet Frankincense, magical Myrrh, and beautiful Benzion, this resin is all earth and heaven in shades of amber and smoky wood. Known for bringing peace, healing, and helping you to create sacred ritual space, Kashmir Resin is all about love, abundance, and the law of attraction. 

Frankincense & Myrrh - Ever ready to enrich your life in a thousand splendid ways. Bringing strength, wisdom, and peace, these woody earthly and aromatic scents are a surefire way to calm the mind and welcome your spiritual awakening. By clearing out anxiety and softening the edges, this incense opens you up and helps you to find fulfilment.


  • 3 gift tins in organza bag
  •  .75 oz each  includes an instruction card
  • Kashmir resin (Frankincesnse,Myrhh,Benzoin)  Frankincense & Myrrh
    •  Blue Nile



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