Snowbee USA

Snowbee Sling Bag by Snowbee USA


The Snowbee Sling Bag offers the roving fly and lure fisherman the convenience of a rucksack without the movement restrictions imposed by twin shoulder straps. A single diagonal shoulder strap leaves the casting arm completely unrestricted and allows for easy access to the bag without requiring it to be taken off. When the bag is swung to the front, it is very well balanced and all the pockets can be easily accessed as they face upwards. The top pocket has space to fit a spare reel, digital camera, etc.. On the front of the bag is an accessory pocket with a small mesh out pocket. In the large main compartment, there is an integrated micro-fiber cleaning cloth and a small rear pocket to store the cloth when not in use. Two mesh zippered pockets are opposite the cleaning cloth providing the perfect spot for leaders and poly leaders. The two front snaps on the bag can be released to open up the main compartment completely, allowing it to fold down and create a working platform for changing flies. Mesh water bottle holder on the bottom of the bag with a toggle lok holds the bottle secure. Two D-rings near the bottom of the sling bag allows for accessory attachment. On the padded air-mesh strap there is one more D-ring as well as a pocket for forceps/hemostats.

  • Single diagonal shoulder strap design leaves casting arm completely unrestricted.
  • Easy access to the bag without the need to take it off.
  • Upward facing pockets for easy access.
  • Main compartment folds flat to create a working platform for changing flies.
  • Main compartment dimensions: 11.02" x 9.45" x 5.11"
  • Overall size: 16.5" x 9.45" x 7.08"

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