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Smudge Starter Kit with Abalone Shell by Tiny Rituals


Welcome the cleansing power of smudging into your life with the Smudge Starter Kit complete with Abalone Shell. Bringing together the complete power of a California White Sage smudge stick, a Palo Santo stick, natural sand, and a pearly rainbow hued Abalone Shell - you have everything you need to sweep out negative energy and bring healing vibes into your inner and outer sacred space. Smudging is an ancient art and helps you to quite literally clean the air.

“With this smudge kit, I cleanse my space so I am free to feel into my own energy”


Say farewell to negative energy with this sublime and easy smudge kit. Containing everything you need to start your smudging journey, this beautiful little kit comes with all the purifying elements and can set you on the path to surrounding yourself with purer energy. Wherever we go in this world, we are susceptible to the energies of people and places. Sometimes this can be beautiful and other times overwhelming, but smudging can help you to reclaim your spiritual space and to make room for your own thoughts and vibrations to thrive. 

There are many elements that go into curating a successful smudging session. Some people use flowers, herbs like sage and lavender, a cobra stand and turkey feathers. All of these elements connect you to Mother Nature and guidance, helping you to welcome in the healing potency of the planet. This smudge kit centers around providing you with all you need to get started, ensuring that you have the foundations to explore other smudge bundles as you move beyond. The sand and the singing rainbow shades of the Abalone shell are all about providing a safe place for letting your smudge sticks smoke. 

The White Sage smudge stick is one of the richest and most evocative healing choices when it comes to smudging. Whether for a home cleanse, to relieve anxiety, or to bring spiritual cleansing to your soul, the white sage smudge kit is said to dispel negative energy, clears any bacteria present in the air, and can grant clarity and wisdom to those ready to receive. 


  1. Light your smudge stick and fan to extinguish the flame
  2. Hold the smudge stick over the shell (filled with sand) to catch any falling ash
  3. Envision unwanted energy leaving your body and the room
  4. When finished, ensure the smudge stick is properly extinguished


  • Abalone Shell - Measures 5-6 inches
  • Tripod - 4 inches
  • 2 California White Sage Smudge
  • 2 Gemstone Cleansing Crystals 
  • 1 Palo Santo Stick
  • Tiny Rituals Natural Sand 4 oz 
  • Instruction Card
  • Comes in Gift Box

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