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Rudraksha Mala by Tiny Rituals

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Saints, healers, and yogis have long loved to wear rudraksha beads. The word rudraksha can be translated to the ‘tears of shiva’ or the third eye of shiva and the word mala means garland. By wearing these sacred seeds in a garland on the body, you can tap into deeper meditation, welcome protection, and use this small rudraksha mala to temper the mind, balance the body, and take certain paths to higher spirituality. 

“With this mala, I master the monkey mind and allow myself to be bathed in blessed energy”


With 108 beads each made from the seeds of the sacred rudraksha tree, this small rudraksha mala is the perfect companion for meditation, quieting the mind, and transmitting protective and harmonic energy to those who wear it. 108 is a sacred number in Hindu tradition as it represents the 12 houses of astrology and the 9 planets. 

These spiritual prayer beads can be used in Japa mala - you can pass each bead through your finger and thumb as you chant your mantra, and the act of doing so helps you to stay focused and fine-tuned on the message and the sound - preventing the monkey mind from taking over.

Beyond the call of the chant, there are even more benefits to the rudraksha mala. Keeping these spiritual prayer beads close to the skin can bring peace of mind all while encouraging deeper spiritual growth. They can also help to energize the central system in the body and can help you overcome mental or emotional hurdles that could be holding you back. The rudraksha mala also has the added benefit of helping you to keep fear at bay and promoting prosperity and blessed energy. 


  • 6mm beads
  • 108 beads with tassel

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