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Pure Resin Incense by Tiny Rituals


Take your pick from these twelve varieties of different resin incense blends. Lovingly chosen for their rich healing properties, these resin tins are perfect for burning with charcoal disks to bring a cleansing, energizing, and purifying energy to any sacred space. This is the ancient way of burning resin and these tins celebrate the ceremony and ritual that comes with smudging, incense lighting, and sensory sojourns. 

“With this incense, I am purposeful in my choice to purify, set intention, and energize my space”


Frankincense Resin -  A rich and dense fragrance that has been highly revered since ancient times. Frankincense resin brings with it the sweet notes of peace, hope, and prosperity and can help alleviate anxiety and prepare your mind for meditation. 

Blue Nile Resin - The color of the heavens, this esoteric scent brings floral hints and represents faith, a rare regal stance, and infinite wisdom. The color of Egyptian royalty, this resin is all about protection and elevating yourself to a higher existence. 

Seven Chakra Resin - A sandalwood base and a unique blend of notes to represent each of the chakras, this seven chakra resin is here to bring you back into alignment. Ignite your energy points, clear out blockages, and rise in your full power.

Frankincense & Myrrh Resin - Earth meets heaven in this Frankincense and Myrrh Resin. Weaving together the peaceful energy of Frankincense with the sacred anointing energy of Myrrh. 

Sweet Frankincense Resin - The ancient blend of sweet Frankincense and pure essential oils brings joy, courage, and high spirits - ensuring that your life is full to burst. 

Dragon's Blood Resin - Rich and powerful in scent and potency, the Dragon’s Blood Resin is known for being a healing remedy. Sweet and spiced, it can bring pure relaxation into a room and its scent is associated with notes of honor, power, and keeping true to your core.

Benzoin of Sumatra Resin - Turn up the dial on your concentration levels as you breathe deep the scent of Benzoin of Sumatra. This incense is known for being stimulating and fine-tuning your focus. 

Mayan Copal Resin - Born from the ancient Mayan tree, Copal Resin has a husky sweet aroma and is here to help lost souls find their way home. It’s also known to help release blockages in the spiritual body and can ease feelings of stagnation and depression.

Frankincense & Sandalwood Blend Resin - Earthly and elegant, the healing peace of Frankincense meets the cleansing energy of Sandalwood in this Kashmir Blend. Infused with exotic scents and spices, this resin incense presses the reset button.

Kashmir Resin - an aromatic Blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and Benzoin with other fragrant scents. It is most popular for use during Rituals and Meditations.

Black Ethiopian Resin - Bursting with floral scents, this Black Ethiopian Resin is a natural blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, Styrax, and Benzoin. Each scent brings its own unique healing properties and together they create an incense known for meditation, protection, and heightened spiritual awareness. 

Myrrh Select Resin - Wood and spice weave together in the sweetened scent of Myrrh. For all those forest nymphs, this incense is incredible for purifying spaces, conducting spellwork, and generally just providing uplifting energy. 


  • .75oz Golden Steel tins with window lid, comes in organza pouch and includes instruction and description card
  • 12  different Blends available

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