Neat™ | Sweat-Proof Apparel

Neat™ Crew Neck Undershirt | Sweat-Proof Apparel


Technical crew neck undershirt, made with Neat™ Fabric to keep sweat hidden, featuring a fitted construction to tuck comfortably under the dress shirts and polos you normally sweat through. 

Features a special triple layer underarm panel to fully block any moisture in the highest sweat areas.  The laminated panel looks and feels just like the rest of the shirt, yet still blocks any moisture from penetrating through.

Designed solely as an undershirt- will block sweat from passing through like a champ, but may "look" wet even if completely dry because white is transparent. So wear it as a sweat-blocking layer underneath something, or if you decide to wear it as a stand-alone tee know it will not hide sweat for the reason above.

It's normal to sweat as we move about our lives. We see that as a sign of progress.
The clothes we wear just need to keep up. 

Sweat bullets:

    • Blend of fabric and technology
    • Sweat-hiding from the inside out
    • 95% Premium Cotton \ 5% Spandex 
    • Tumble dries without shrinking

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