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Moss Agate Energy Bracelet by Tiny Rituals


 Like a living breathing organism, Moss Agate makes its own magic, clearing away toxic vibrations by bringing a breath of fresh air. Made of minerals that seemingly capture all shades of the natural universe – the swirling greens are hypnotic. This energy-rich stone is known for bringing an abundance of health, wealth and wonderful self-esteem.

“I am ready to bloom into new beginnings”


Like a blast of spring air for the soul, Moss Agate is gorgeously cleansing, inviting you to step out into the world and be thoroughly restored. For those who feel in a lull of swampy stagnation, Moss Agate can inspire the birth of bright new ideas bringing creativity to the forefront of your waking mind. A stone that blooms with self-esteem, courage and a wealth of self, wearing Moss Agate brings a bountiful spring back to your step.

While Moss Agate works to get your mind and body into healthy balance by lifting the veil on depressive feelings, bringing abundance, and nurturing strength – this also opens you up for new connections. Moss Agate is great for those who want to find deeper connections in life either through burgeoning friendships or intimate relationships. However, Moss Agate doesn’t quit at the first stage – it helps you recognize those who make for a magically compatible match rather than forging shallow bonds. It’s called the Stone of New Beginnings for good reason, with Moss Agate in your life you can welcome in the easy joy of eternal spring.

For those who are pressed down by ill health, Moss Agate (just like the tendrils of oxygen-rich plants) holds sublime healing properties. An excellent anti-inflammatory, Moss Agate helps cleanse the circulatory system and boosts immunity. The earthly stone can lend a hand by helping fight infections, fending off colds and flu, and bringing a cool hand to the heat of fever.

Details & Sizing

  • 4mm genuine gemstone beads 
  • Strung on durable stretchy cord
  • Size S fits wrists 5"-6"
  • Size M fits wrists 6"-7"
  • Size L fits wrists 7"-8"
  • If you're in between sizes, size up
  • Stone colors may vary
  • Comes with a description card

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