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Jupiter-02 Wheel Motor Drive Electric Skateboard by JKing

$469 $569

The 8-ply maple deck has superior strength in comparison with other boards,JKing Electric Skateboard the max supported weight is 330lbs,The wheels (90 mm) and the deck (38.2*10*5.3 in) are wider for a smooth and stable skateboarding. Our shock absorbing PU wheels will get you high speeds no matter the terrain. High-density Emery Non-slip and Waterproof Surface Makes you safer while riding on the skateboard,A great choice for commute or street wandering.

Two seven color running LED safety light bars are installed on Jking electric skateboard, which will change the direction and speed of color lights with the running of skateboard , Stylish but safer even when you ride in the dark after work/school and for your definitely brings more joy.

36v 7500mAh and 270Wh Lithium-Ion battery allows our electric skateboard running at a max speed of 26mph. JKing electric longboard has a range of 19.5-21.8 miles once it is fully charged in 4h.Is a perfect sport to enjoy the nature, You could feel the breeze by cruising the city, or appreciate mountain view in a downhill ride.Let you experience more happiness in your life.


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