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Green Aventurine Worry Stone by Tiny Rituals


The stone of opportunity is here to boost confidence, usher in a new era of prosperity, and soothe the soul. This green aventurine worry stone is a dream for those who want a little more luck on their side. Sitting with this worry stone will help open your heart, balance the nervous system, and help you out of the rut of any patterns that are holding you back.

“With this worry stone, I stay calm, welcome prosperity, and wash my anxieties away.”


The Green Aventurine Worry Stone is a wonder for those who feel like they can’t let go. If you feel tethered to old trust patterns, get angsty when embracing change, or just feel like there’s a black cloud of bad luck hanging over you, this stone is here to chase all that away. Soothing shades of green cool frayed nerves, and the positive energy stashed inside can turn you into a magnet for manifestation and catching a chance or two.

As a heart chakra healer, the Green Aventurine meaning is here to open you up to the love and abundance you deserve. When our hearts are closed, we can sometimes keep other people out of arms reach and don’t welcome the connections that can help raise us up. Green Aventurine also has the power to send your confidence spiraling up. Glimmering green crystals keep optimism running through your every cell, and with a fine flow of energy, you cannot help but succeed in all your dreamy endeavors. 

Worry stones are a wonder. Made to be fiddled with or held in hand and with a thumb-sized indent for extra connection, you can play with this sweet stone all day. Stash it in your pocket, carry it in your purse, sit with it in meditation, and whisper all your anxieties into this stone and let its gentle green energy wash over you. Green Aventurine bracelets and a Green Aventurine Mala can also serve your soul.


  • Unique and Genuine Green Aventurine gemstone
  • Approx. 2 inches long and 2 inches wide Weight
  • Color, shape, and markings will vary
  • Comes with a description card
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