Sheets & Giggles

Eucalyptus Heavy Throw Blanket by Sheets & Giggles

$74.96 $79.95
  • Eye-Popping Colors: Sunflower Yellow, Leaf Green, Alpine White
    • If you wish you hadn't gone with a grey couch and white walls with a beige rug, and you're looking for some more color in the living room... we made this for you <3
  • Dimensions: 6 ft. long, over 4 ft. wide (may vary slightly by blanket)
  • 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell: Sustainably made from trees harvested on bio-diverse farms.
  • Details: Gorgeous, eye-catching boxed weave with mitered corners. You've never seen or felt a blanket like this.
  • Substantial: At 800 GSM (Grams per Square Meter), and weighing in at 4-5 lbs, this blanket is no lightweight. 
  • The snuggle is real: Perfect for cuddling up on the couch with your SO or SP (significant pets)
  • Texture: this isn't a petrochemical-based "fleece" blanket with acrylic (fancy term for plastic) fluffy stuff that sheds everywhere. Our blanket is 100% Lyocell, a completely unique item not found anywhere else – it can feel "stiff" out of the box and may need a day or two of use to "break in," but before long it will be your favorite thing in the house.
  • Care: Spot clean as needed; Green Dry Clean (avoid petrochemical solvents and search for a "green dry cleaner near me") recommended every few months if necessary; machine washable if need be.
  • Free return shipping: no questions asked, no arbitrary time limits (the “try for 100 days” thing everyone else does is weird).

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