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Dragon's Blood/White Sage Smudge Gift Pack by Tiny Rituals


Find your inner fire and rise with this Dragon’s Blood and White Sage smudge bundle. Calling on the life-rousing, root strengthening, and powerful scent of Dragons Blood and blending it with the cleansing old crone energy of White Sage, this incense set packs a punch that will leave you purified and standing strong. This beautiful bundle also weaves in crystal magic and the holy earthly element of Palo Santo for an extra dose of spiritual drama.

“With this bundle, I bring warm and cleansing energy to create a sacred and powerful space”


Get comfy in your boundaries, your bold self, and marry your warrior spirit to your wise woman as you call on the healing powers of this Dragon’s Blood White Sage bundle. Blending two of the most beloved kinds of smudging sticks, two heavenly cleansing crystals, a sweet Selenite wand, and the ancient energy of Palo Santo, this gift set is a glorious way of connecting to your core or encouraging spiritual prayer. 

Dragon’s Blood comes from the mysterious Dracaena Tree with its upturned branch-like hands offering gifts from Gaia. This ruby red resin is potent in scent and style. Weaving together shades of spice and amber, this Dragon Blood smudge stick has warming energy that gets to work with its cleansing and protection, effectively clearing your space and your soul. Dragon’s Blood incense is also an excellent anti-inflammatory and helps to bring soothing, steady vibes and a sense of safety.

White Sage is one of the most ancient and well-known plants when it comes to smudging. This earthy fragrant herb is all about clearing out negative energies. Using a sage wand or a sage bundle you can clear the air of bacteria, sweeten your sleep, and even give your brainpower a boost. White Sage also brings wisdom, healing, and can purify negative ions (for real). With a Selenite wand, you can double down on your space cleansing and rely on soothing Amethyst and gentle Rose Quartz to fill your cup with love. 


  • 2 - 4" Dragon's Blood/White Sage
  •  1 - 3.5" Selenite Stick
  •  2 crystal cleansing stones (Amethyst and Rose Quartz) 
  • 1 palo santo stick + Card
  • White Sage dipped with Dragon's Blood resin to create this wonderful smudge stick.
  • Comes in Window Hinged Silver Steel Box
  • Selenite Unpolished rough Wand Approximately 3.5" Long. Please note this is a natural unpolished rough gemstone with a slight variation in size and imperfection

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