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Crystal Facial Roller & Gua Sha Stone Kit by Tiny Rituals


Call on the healing power of crystals for more than a spiritual boost as you invite these precious gems into your skincare routine. This crystal face roller and GusSha kit is here to brighten your blood circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage, reduce the visual effects of fine lines and wrinkles. It is said to sculpt your features, gifting you a healthy complexion thanks to these ancient beauty tools that are rich with restorative healing. Choose from Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Green Jade, or White Jade. 

“With this roller, I ease out tension, let go of heaviness and welcome the day with a brighter glow of being”

Facial rolling is no new fad or current trend, it’s a practice that goes back thousands of years. For centuries, facial rollers have been used as a tool for a facial massage in a way that encourages the lymphatic system and leads to reduced puffiness. A facial massage when done correctly will push fluids around and stimulate your lymph nodes to drain and detox. This rolling motion can lead to less puffiness, sharpened contours, and brings a brighter glow to your skin. It also feels amazing. 

The GuaSha stone can also be used to alleviate tension, increase circulation, and can reduce the visual imprint of tired eyes. While the crystal roller works by being rolled across the face, the GuaSha stone is gently ‘scraped’. The roller can be used around the neck and the center of your face and the GuaSha stone is perfect for the sensitive eye area and other facial muscles.

The Amethyst facial roller is a divine destress tool that brings cleansing energies and clears out all kinds of negative vibes. Amethyst is a stress-busting crystal, and its soft purple shades are awesome at filling us with clarity and serenity. Remember, we often wear our worries etched into our face. The Amethyst roller is here to bring cooling soothing energy to your skin.

The Rose Quartz facial roller is filled with love. The Rose Quartz gem is pretty in pink and oozing with compassion. It’s also a stone that gets the blood stirring making it an excellent choice for a facial roller. This roller will help heal the skin, encourage the flow of healthy circulation, clear out toxins, and bring peace and love to every cell. 

The Green Jade facial roller is the classic version of the handheld face massager. This magic crystal roller is brimming with soothing cooling energy. The Green Jade stone is known for its moods of harmony and peace but also the physical effect it has on the body. Green Jade encourages the lymphatic system, clears out toxins, and brings with it endless swathes of joy.

The White Jade facial roller is here to refresh and renew tired skin. White Jade is snow white purity that naturally lends a glow. This stone is known for its cooling energy and its ability to balance your chi. It’s also great at prepping your skin for product absorption meaning that you get the best of your beauty treatments.

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