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Copper Healing Ring by Tiny Rituals

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Slip this shimmering Copper Healing Ring upon your finger and let that singing healing get right down to business. This ancient metal has been around since the dawn of time and wearing it like a ring makes a perfect point for universal love and power to enter the body and align your chakras with those high vibrations.

“With this ring, I am soaked in the light of intention and inner strength wherever I go”


Solid copper is one of the oldest healing materials on earth. Radiant in its shimmering shades of red and gold, one glance at this dreamy and powerful Copper Healing Ring is the deep breath you need to face any kind of day. Copper is beautifully attuned to the healing nature of women. It manages to be graceful, soaked in glory, understated yet incredibly powerful at the same time. Copper is one of the great amplifiers, it can take a fleeting positive thought and turn it into an everlasting belief. Because of this, the Copper Ring is a potent and positive tool to carry with you at all times.

For anyone who struggles with joint pain, inflammation, and the bodily curse that can be arthritis, the Copper Helaing Ring can help. Far from just a spiritual talisman, Copper is ripe with physical healing too. Copper is said to stabilize blood pressure, reduce all kinds of swelling and inflammation, and help cool and heat the body as needed.

Emotionally Copper also brings with it the warmth of the sun. For anyone who feels overwhelmed or underwhelmed or just out of balance in any kind of way, the Copper Ring invites you to stand strong in your joy and master your feelings in a non-destructive way. Wearing this ring helps you to carry that intention with you and keeps you connected to all the warmth and wonder that the world has to offer.


  • Pure copper
  • Comes in Sizes 5 - 9
  • Made in India with Love
  • Comes with a description card

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