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Copper Healing Bangle by Tiny Rituals

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Shimmering with the light of the heavens but as solid as Mother Earth, the reddish gold grace of this Copper Healing Bangle is loaded with healing vibes. Solid copper bangles are forever enchanting. Well known for their ability to ease pain and flush out toxins from the body, Copper is one of the best natural forms of therapy for conducting life and light.

“With this bangle, I am master of my own healing and stand in a place where prosperity can flow”


Since the time of the Egyptians and even longer, pure copper has been used as a form of therapy to help the body, mind, and spirit heal. Staying connected to this shiny bright metal is best done when it kisses the skin and sends it Ayurveda properties radiating from the root chakra to the tip of your crown. This Copper Healing Bangle knows how to make muscle pain melt away. Long has copper been used as a herbal and natural remedy for arthritis and stiff joints.

Copper bracelets are also known for creating physiological balance in the body particularly when pressed against the pulse points. This means that copper can clear out all that bad stuff and put you in the fullest flush of health. The way it dances with the light, pure copper is a radiant metal that instantly soothes the heart and heals old wounds – both physically and emotionally too.

As a conductor of energy and positive vibration, copper can instantly connect to all the good vibes out there and use that connection to dispel negative energy and keep you shining like the brilliant sunbeam you are. For those who are wanting a spiritual tool to manifest their deepest desires, the Copper Healing Bangle can also act as an amplifier of these thoughts and send those wishes out into the universe. Finally, Copper is also intrinsically linked to abundance and is ever ready to send prosperity in your direction.


  • Pure copper bangle
  • Adjust up to 8" wrist
  • Markings and shape may vary
  • Made in India with love
  • Comes with a description card

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