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Climbing Triangle by Bunny Hopkins


Fulfilled by our friends at Bunny Hopkins

Gift your child the joy of active, imaginative play with the Bunny Hopkins™ Climbing Triangle! This Pikler Triangle-inspired heirloom-quality Montessori developmental toy is designed to inspire and engage children, fostering awareness, resilience, perseverance, and collaboration. It's the perfect companion for balance control, motor skill development, and other crucial aspects of your child's growth.

100% Handcrafted in the USA.

Our Climbing Triangles are made of premium American Maple Wood, ensuring a safe, sturdy, and enjoyable play experience for your little one. 

Available in 2 sizes:

- Starter: Ideal for toddlers and curious explorers. Great to introduce tots to climbing and balance, developing gross motor skills.
- Large: Ideal for kindergarteners+. This will keep them active with endless play opportunities.


- Starter Triangle - 33"long, 27" high, 25" wide
- Large Triangle  - 42" long, 36" high, 26" wide
- Rock Wall Reversible Slide Ramp - 48” long x 16” wide.

Weight Limit - 350 lbs.

Some assembly is required. We will provide an Allen key with which you can easily fasten/unfasten and fold/unfold the legs of the Triangle.

Order the Bunny Hopkins Climbing Triangle today and let your child's imagination soar! 

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