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Amethyst Gold Ring by Tiny Rituals


Let the kiss of spiritual bliss slip upon your finger with this Amethyst Gold Ring. Plated in 14k gold and with the violet glimmer of the Amethyst stone sitting center stage, this ring is a glorious reminder to stay connected to both the world beneath your feet and the great realms of the divine.

“With this ring, I bring into being pure protection and deep connection”


Enchanting in its energy and carrying all the stories of centuries past, this gorgeous golden ring hails from the spice-soaked shores of India, bringing with it the sumptuous stories of spiritual sojourns, ancient adventures, and a wealth of magical mythology. The Amethyst has long played an important role in the spiritual world – the swirling precious purple gem is known for its deep connection with the crown chakra, and its ability to soothe, heal and spark thoughts of revelatory joy.

For those who want to keep the lavender shades of the Amethyst close by, this golden ring can be used as a powerful shield against the imprint of negative energies. Cleansing in nature and soft of heart, the Amethyst will work to ward off negative energies and spiritual attacks, leaving you feeling as calm and clear as a silver stream.

Amethyst not only protects from the outside in, but also gently nurtures the body to detox so it can make way for a deeper conscious flow. By nudging regeneration in cells and promoting healthy harmonious hormone balance, the Amethyst Gold Ring keeps you glowing. When the body and mind are in check, this means that your soul is invited to leap higher – to spark a bridge between the lands of the here and now and those that sit beyond our cosmic borders.


  • 14k Gold Plated Brass
  • 3mm Faceted Amethyst Gemstone
  • Comes in Sizes 6 - 9
  • Made in India with Love
  • Comes with a description card

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