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The Nauti Life was created upon the vision of a young entrepreneur who had a love for the beach and a desire to share the casual New England lifestyle. What all started as a dream, quickly became reality with the support received from family and friends. The Nauti Life was born in Central Massachusetts and quickly grew to Martha’s Vineyard, the coast of Massachusetts & throughout New England.

Marine Hoodie
Midweight fleece
Supporting marine wildlife protection


The Nauti Life is a proud part of The New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance,  a nonprofit environmental organization based in Massachusetts formed to help protect the marine wildlife along the coast of New England (Gulf of Maine). The Nauti Life has worked with the NECWA since 2015, when they first adopted a sea turtle.   


First comes college, then comes…what? As post-grad depression finally sunk in, I was in search for the next best opportunity. While navigating through graduate school and worrying about finding that “Real World Job,” there was a spark. With a classic style and passion for all things nautical, The Nauti Life was born. We have had the ability to bring The Nauti Life to fruition with the support received from family and friends. From Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts to New Hampshire and throughout New England, people are finding all different ways to show their nauti side. The Nauti Life aims to reveal the nauti side in all of its customers. Once you understand the way of The Nauti Life, you will then understand that it is not only a state of mind, but a lifestyle.


What led you to start Nauti?
-The saying, “It was all a dream” fully applies to The Nauti Life. The Nauti Life was founded in 2014 when I woke up one night at 2AM after a dream. The next morning, I wrote down a brief business plan and presented it to my parents. They said, “go for it, follow your dreams!” The Nauti Life developed into a casual men’s and women’s apparel line, expressing my passion for all things nautical. 

What’s your favorite thing about what you’re doing?
-Favorite thing about what I am doing is knowing that the Nauti Life is something that represents myself. Being able to express my journey and share it with everyone is so important. The true meaning behind "The Nauti Life" is finding your way, being carefree and not letting the hustle of everyday take away from the joy in life. When people think of The Nauti Life, I want them to think about how they feel when sitting by the ocean.

What are you looking forward to? (new products)
-There is a lot on the horizon for The Nauti Life. As Nauti continues to grow, I would love to transition from solely E-Commerce to have a few boutique shops carry our line! Product wise- sticking with the basics for now, keeping true to the casual beachwear. Looking to add beach towels, visors, golf shirts and a few items in Spring/Summer 2020. In the future, I would like to potentially add a resort-wear collection to the line

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