Gracie C. Jewelry


Gracie C. Jewelry is known for their minimal and geometric shapes. Hand making all product just outside Boston, Massachusetts, they pride themselves on making well loved products at great value.

Long Bar Threaders
Handmade in Boston, Massachusetts
14k Gold filled


"I am focused on creating a great product that will last and is a great value. Everyday I am learning new techniques to expand my skill set and having so much fun exploring this industry! "


Growing up Concetta always had a love for fashion – and accessories! She attended college for fashion design and following graduation she quickly fell into a role within the industry. Over time her interest in jewelry design was piqued and she pursued classes in jewelry making techniques.  What started as just a hobby and passion project quickly grew to become what we know as Gracie C. Jewelry. 


I have always had a love for fashion and accessories! I attended college for fashion design and currently work in the industry. A few years ago I took local community ed classes in jewelry and learned the introduction to metal smithing. At first I only made jewelry for myself and as gifts for friends and family, but with their encouragement I ventured out to the world of sales. In the fall of 2017 I had my first market and have been hooked ever since.

Currently I design and create jewelry out of my Somerville apartment. I work mainly in sterling silver, but also mix in gold-filled items. My pieces are minimalistic and for everyday wear. I specialize in geometrically shaped earrings, and that has led me to take those same shapes and create necklaces. Every day I am looking to learn new techniques, expand my skill set, and continue having fun exploring this industry!

I am focused on creating a product that resonates with people, that will last, and is a great value. Jewelry, like all artwork, shares a story, and/or becomes part of your story. I hope you find my pieces to be a great addition to your story or to the stories of your loved ones!



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