Mindful Production

We make 95% of our products in Kenya with partners embracing sustainable and ethical practices.

Save a Rhino

A portion of every purchase goes to American Rhino Foundation which directly supports wildlife and land conservation in Kenya.

Effortless Style

Kikoy is a traditional Kenyan textile adapted by American Rhino. Our proprietary version of Kikoy will be your new favorite fabric. 


Boston, MA

From The Brand

Our mission is to preserve African wildlife by funding the most effective local wildlife conservation organizations and projects in Africa.

American Rhino is an apparel and home goods company with a cause for those that buy quality gear, enjoy the safari lifestyle, and care deeply about African wildlife. The American Rhino Foundation designed and launched American Rhino to help fund the most effective non-profit African wildlife conservation organizations.The American Rhino Foundation is an active participant in on-the-ground conservation efforts to protect critically endangered and threatened African wildlife. We believe American consumers can play a vital role in preserving alluring, powerful African wildlife. In doing so, we help secure biodiversity and habitats so vital to Africa’s economy and future. 



American Rhino

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