July 2021

alila beauty on summer skin

Sara Majane is the founder of alila beauty. She believes that your beauty is effortless, and your skincare routine should be as well. We sat down for an interview with Sara about all things "summer skin" - how to achieve it and what product you absolutely need for 2021.

Q & A

Q: What is the secret to healthy summer skin?

Healthy summer skin is all about minimizing sun damage and hydrating your skin while preventing breakouts. You can achieve this by protecting yourself from the sun with SPF, lightening up your skincare routine, and adopting a multi-purpose moisturizer that is packed with good-for-you ingredients but is still lightweight. 

Q: What are the nine benefits of the Omnia All-In-One Skin Perfector?

This face cream is one product that Hydrates, Primes, Luminizes, Bronzes, Brightens, Depuffs, Smooths, Softens, and Soothes. It was designed to simplify your routine, reduce your consumption, and bring out the best in your skin.

Q: What's unique about the Omnia All-In-One Skin Perfector? 

The Omnia All-In-One Skin Perfector is an innovative, hybrid product that allows you to take a ‘skinimalist’ approach to skincare while enhancing your natural beauty and delivering major skin benefits. This complexion-enhancing face cream combines nine steps into one to instantly bring out the best in your skin and is free of makeup, fragrance, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. It also is packed with nine power ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, bisabolol, and ceramide complex, which have been proven to nourish, hydrate, and improve your skin’s appearance. 

Q: Can I wear it every day?

Yes! This formula applies smoothly, absorbs quickly, and will not clog pores or leave a greasy after-feel. It can be used day or night, as a prep step for long-lasting, flawless makeup or worn alone for beautiful, radiant skin that glows from within.

The Omnia All-In-One Skin Perfector


The Omnia All-In-One Skin Perfector is a complexion-enhancing face cream that combines nine steps into one to instantly bring out the best in your skin.