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TAKE Stripping Basket


Without loosing any functionality in holding its form the TAKE basket is flexible. We know that, flyfishermen come in all shapes and sizes. Basket will adapt wether you are wearing it in front or in side position, landing a fish from boat or messing with your morning coffee!

The lightest striping basket on the market finally will allow you to bring it all over! And when it comes to fishing - you will not feel any weight of it at all all. TAKE basket is not only light but it is also soft. Therefore you won't hurt your fingers by hitting the basket while striping, especially on those cold mornings!

Again, because of the material properties it is possible to pack the TAKE basket into your day pack and take it with you on a longer hike even to the most remote destinations. Also it packs into your luggage when you go for a longer trip to a foreign country – and you need good line control where ever you go!

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