Urth and Sea

Venice Beaded Necklace by Urth and Sea


Summer in color | Colors are known to evoke powerful emotions and influence the way we feel. By simply wearing a colorful necklace, it can brighten up our mood. Each seed is beaded one by one with love and intention. Inspired by Venice Beach, California. 

Glass seed beads, 14k gold-filled or sterling silver.

14" or 16" + 1" extension chain. 

Handmade to order in California.

Green Nature, Healing, Harmony, Growth
Blue Peace, Serene, Loyalty, Trust, Confidence, Safety
Orange Joy, Intention, Energy, Optimism, Happiness
Yellow Happiness, Warmth, Sunshine
Pink Compassion, Love, Safety
Purple Inspiration, Creativity, Imagination, Spirituality 
Cream Pure, Tranquility, Peace

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