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Topponcino - a soft mat

Topponcino is used as a soft mat where your baby can rest, lie down to observe or be carried on.

By maintaining the smell and the warmth of baby's own body in the topponcino, it serves as their secure base and allows other family members and friends to hold your baby with support.

When your baby falls asleep in the topponcino, it becomes easier to put them in bed without waking them up. Lying your baby on his back on it promotes natural movement, development of gross motor skills and visual development.

Perfect for:

- holding your baby in a stable position for the head

- placing the topponcino on the floor in your baby's area with a mobile above and a mirror on the wall to the side, where they can lie, play and observe.



Dimensions: About 37cm x 67cm x 1cm

Fabrics: 100% Cotton labelled OEKO-TEX®

Molleton, 4 possible choices:
- Double layer of OEKO-TEX fiber®
- Simple layer of organic cotton 330gr

- Double layer of organic cotton.
- Double mixed layer: 1 layer of OEKO-TEX fiber® and a 330g organic cotton layer.

Please specify your choice of molleton when ordering.

Difference between the 3 types of topponcino?

The single layer topponcino in organic cotton has the thickness and density recommended by Maria Montessori (about 0.8-1cm and 330gr).

Indeed the topponcino should not be very thick so that the baby can feel our arms and our warmth through the mattress.

For people who prefer a little thicker topponcino, an extra layer of fiber (1 - 1.5 cm) can be added. But when used (with the weight of the baby) it becomes almost as thick as the simple layer, thanks to the adaptability of the fiber.

Fibre also has the advantage of being softer and drying faster after washing.

The topponcinos with fiber wrap the baby a little more, so it can be a little warmer.


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