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Toby the Giraffe Print


Character Trait: The Helpful Friend

Meet Toby: charming, helpful and everybody’s friend. He's also super-tall, which means he has a great view on things. Everyone loves getting Toby's perspective on their problems, because he can see all sides of a situation and always has excellent advice to share. The only problem for Toby is that he never gets anyone else's advice, because he feels like the group's problem-solver. So when he was trying to organise his birthday party and couldn't find a good spot for everyone to meet up, he felt distraught and cancelled it at the last minute. His friends were devastated – they'd been so excited to celebrate Toby's special day. So they asked him why he'd cancelled the party. Toby admitted that he'd failed to find the ideal meeting place and felt like he should have had the answer for this – after all, he's tall enough to see everything. But what he hadn't seen was the lush grasslands over by the lake, because it was covered by a canopy of trees. He was captivated by the idea and discovered that it's more than OK to ask other people for advice – they too have their own perspective, which sometimes is exactly what you need.

  • Quality giclee art print of an original watercolour by Dee
  • Printed in Melbourne, Australia
  • Created using museum-quality paper and ink - archival pigment ink printed on 300 gsm (or 110 lb paper weight), 100% cotton, acid-free art paper
  • The paper has a smooth, matte finish with minimal texture
  • Signed in pencil by Daniella Leo
  • Prints comes unframed and flat packed in a clear cello bag with card backing
  • A4 - 21.0 x 29.7 cm or 8.3 x 11.7 in

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