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Tibetan Mystic Bracelet by Tiny Rituals

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From the high altitudes of Tibet, this handmade bracelet beautifully crafted from yak bone, singing copper, coral, and turquoise beads is here to bring a rush of mysticism and deep Tibetan healing to your being. Ethically sourced and energized, this Tibetan Mystic  Bracelet is magic medicine for your mind, body, and soul.

“With this bracelet, I pay homage to all of life’s cycles and I invite strength into my soul and bones”


The Tibetan Mystic  Bracelet is beautifully made, calling on the bones of the domestic population that died from natural causes, this mala bracelet invites you to celebrate the life cycle of the long-haired yak, to breathe in the cleansing energy of the Himalayas and the mythology of Central Asia, and to encourage healthy blood circulation along with the cooling elements of prayer and meditation.

In Tibetan culture, the Yak Bone boosts our circulation keeping us healthy and in physical harmony as we move through the world. The ripe vibrancy of red coral is said to connect to the heart chakra and quiet the mind. Turquoise with its ocean ripe shades washes away negative energy. Copper, nickel, and brass are amazing amplifiers, ever ready to bring  energy into your field. Together, these elements become a tour de force rich in energizing properties.

Standing in the shadow of the Himalayas, the Yak is one of the most significant animals to roam the plains of Tibet. Capable of surviving in the most inhospitable conditions, the Yak boasts an impressive circulatory system that helps it thrive in high altitude meadows. They are creatures that ooze sweetness, their breath fragranced by wildflowers, their milk rich in nutrients, and their bones as bright as the snowflakes that settle on the mountain spires. The Tibetan Mystic  Bracelet pays homage to Mother Nature, meditation, and the quiet strength that carries us through life.


  • Made of 5mm and 9mm yak bone, copper, coral, and turquoise beads
  • White and Black are made with 5mm round beads
  • Red is made with 9mm disk shape beads
  • Strung on adjustable durable string
  • Measures 7" and expands to 10"
  • Colors may vary
  • Handmade in Tibet
  • Bracelets are not waterproof, do not expose to sweat or water
  • Comes with a description card

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