Sturdy Brothers

The Ansel Camera Strap in Black Dublin by Sturdy Brothers


Anyone who enjoys taking in the scenery from behind the lens needs a carry companion for their camera.  Typically companies will supply one with the purchase of a camera, but they are nylon and not very attractive.  Why would you drop big cash on a camera and leave a rough nylon strap with plastic hooks attached?

We have worked to create this simple, yet timeless leather strap that brings a beautiful accent to any photographers gear collection.   Wether shooting for pleasure, or professionally this strap will make a wonderful support to any camera.  

We have crafted this strap out of world famous Horween leathers for beauty and durability.  The streamlined design with a larger piece of leather made to rest on the neck while hands are off the camera makes for a comfortable shooting experience.  Smaller leather strapping extends from the main body of the strap to attach to triangle shaped key rings that fit perfectly on any camera with pinhole, or rectangular strap attachment mounts.  

- Legendary Horween Leather

-Saddle Stitch with Nylon Thread

-Edged and burnished edges

-Sturdy Brothers logo stamp

How to care for this Leather product.


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