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Sturdy Everyday Belt Chestnut Leather by Sturdy Brothers


Fulfilled by our friends at Sturdy Brothers


We've worked as a team to create a leather belt that is crafted from the best natural leather and highest quality hardware.  Its perfect for everyday wear.  Wether you're wearing jeans or khakis on the regular, the Sturdy Everyday Leather Belt is sure to make a great addition to your wardrobe.  

We like the idea of being an instrumental part in your every day wordrobe and adding staple products to your every day routine. A belt is something that is worn every day, so make sure its sturdy enogh to go through the every day for years to come. 

These leather belts were born out of the constant struggle to find a great belt.  As guys, the reality is, most belts bought at a department store last about a year.  Then, the bonded leather starts to fall apart, and what was your favorite belt is now in shambles. We guarantee this belt will never do that.  Actually, your waist size will probably change before the belt goes in the trash.  It is made to last.  Made to last a long time.


  • 1 1/2 in. wide Chestnut Leather Full Grain


  • Aged Brass Buckle
  • Aged Brass Chicago Screws. (This allows user to change to a belt buckle if needed with aid of a flathead screwdriver)


  • Our sizing should be standard to belts (Not Jean Size)
  • We measure in inches from the hole where the buckle hardware extends to the first hole on the belt.  (ex. a size 32 belt is from the beginning of the leather when finished to the first hole on the inside where buckle goes through.  Not outer hole.
  • Generally a customer should order 2 inch sizes bigger than what that wear in blue jeans.

How to care for this Leather product.

 A hefty durable leather belt should be added to your everyday wordrobe. 

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