Spa Designer Humidifier Lamp by Multitasky


Bring the Spa Home with this Spa Humidifier

We just bottled up that feeling you get right after a massage. By starting up this decorative spa humidifier, you can soak up the spa vibes even when your to-do list makes you cancel your evening plans. 

Simply add water and enjoy the feeling of your skin drinking up this fresh, humid air. 

You’ve had a long, busy day living out the daily grind. Your skin may be dry from those daily demands, or you’re just ready to unwind and enjoy some me time. This luxurious spa humidifier can help you relax and moisturize in the comfort of your home. Why go out when that spa feeling can come to you?

* Note: Rechargeable - can stay on for up to 4 hours. We do not recommend adding essential oil to this product.

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