Men's Soft Solid Shoe in Amber by Mohinders


Our latest addition to our Soft Solid Styles: the new + improved Solid Shoe in Amber.

You'll notice that this style is still the classic + original design of our Heritage Solid Flats & Shoes, just with a couple nuances: our latest Soft Leather + reinforced counters (backs of the shoes).

This means that they're supple, more malleable and comfortable right out of the bag! And they'll maintain their shape and structure during every wear. Key factors we find that are significant for quality shoes to last a lifetime.

Wondering about the original Solid Shoes? Are they going away? 🤔
Nope! We simply want to offer a softer version of our original Heritage Solid Shoes, as we know and understand how much dedicated time it is to break them in (and that they're very stiff right out of the bag). The patina of both types of leather will be a bit different than each other, each having their own special tone of deep tan while still resulting in a beautiful hue of wear over time. Now you have options!

If you're between sizes, we recommend sizing down (for example, if you're a 7.5, we suggest ordering a size 7).

* Remember: like all of our Flats & Shoes (with backs), this style fits best when they start out tight. Over time, they'll mold to your feet, soften, and lightly loosen to make more room. If they're loose at first, they'll only get looser! 

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