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Siegler MF (Medium Fly) Lever Drag Fly Reel


The MF is the "All-around" reel. It shares the same GT stopping power as the BF but is small enough to throw at Stripers all day without fatigue. This saltwater fly reel was created for and tested at the Seychelles to handle the most variety of saltwater species. Whether you're traveling across the world to hunt for GT's or chasing Reds across your local flats, this reel has you covered. 


-Lever Drag System

-Dovetail Reel Seat

-Asymmetrical Spool

-E-Clip Spool Fastener

-Oversized Handle

-Field Serviceable

*Reel comes with Travel Kit to swap retrieve 

Box Challenge includes: Roosterfish, Permit, Striper, and Albacore 

The Benefits of the Lever Drag System

  1. "Free" to "Maximum" predetermined drag pressure in 140 degrees

  2. Know where your drag is set at all times

  3. Unnecessary to switch hands to change drag pressure when fighting a fish

  4. Strip line without changing predetermined drag pressure

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