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Radiant Amethyst Duo by Botanical Republic



Radiant Amethyst Duo includes:

Radiant Hydrating Toner 2 oz
Amethyst Crystals 1 oz wt.
Canvas Pouch
Crystal Reference Guide


This stone balances physical and emotional connections within the body and opens a deeper understanding of your intuition. By stimulating a sense of confidence, Amethyst opens the mind to promote self-confidence in one's natural beauty and acceptance of perceived flaws.

Color: Purple/Violet
Shape: Natural | Organic
Measurements: Approximately 5-7 mm or 3/16-1/4" each
Origin: Namibia

Color, size, and shape will vary due to the fact that these are natural stones. Colors may vary depending on your monitor settings and may differ from the actual color of the item.

Prepared By: Mandi Meadows, a certified Crystal Healing Practitioner by the Centre of Excellence.

WARNING: Keep the crystals away from small children and pets.

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