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PicassoTiles: Idea Book (100+ ideas)


In the Book:
- 110 Full Color Page Ideabook
- 150+ Different Ideas from 2D Alphabets to 3D Creative Buildings
- Inspirational ideas for every PicassoTiles Magnetic Tiles Building Block Kit
- Easy to Advance Rating Scale for Each Creation
- Intuitive directions showing which pieces are needed for each idea


About PicassoTiles

  • At PicassoTiles, we strive to help children build a foundation on core fundamentals such as the basics of physics, aptitude in mechanics, building, architecture, & teamwork.
  • We create educational items to give the tools necessary for your child's early exposure to the basics of geometrical shapes & expanding his or her creativity.
  • We acknowledge that the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) is the benchmark that plays a critical role in a child's early development stages of learning that will ultimately prepare them in the journey of life.
  • We have a dedicated R&D & Technical team that is continuously creating innovative educational toys to keep children captivated to learn & coming back for more!
  • Our tools encourage children to stay engaged at the task at hand while improving their hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, individual/group learning, critical thinking, & most importantly, self-confidence to succeed. 
  • We have successfully made a positive impact in classrooms & homes all across the globe.
  • Our Children, Our Future: Inspire, Growth, & Develop

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