Oak Moss and Coconut Golden Body Oil


Our New Golden Body Oil is a shimmering elixir that will nourish your skin with a powerful and beneficial combination of oils and give you the ultimate summer glow. Each is custom blended for you by hand in small batches at the Marianella Soap Bar in Soho NY.  In order for Gold to activate SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.

Our ambrosial Oak Moss and Coconut fragrance enamors the senses, with rich notes of Coconut, the earthy essence of Oak Moss and the warm sweetness of ripe Mulberry.


Each Golden Body Oil is Made with: 

  • 100% Pure Cotton Seed Oil
  • 100% Pure Argan Oil 
  • 100% Pure Pomegranate Oil
  • 100% Pure Marula Oil
  • 100% Pure Grapeseed Oil
  • Kings Gold Mica

99% Natural 

Scented with Fragrance 

How to Use

We hope you enjoy our glistening Golden Body Oils. When we make this gorgeous elixir, we use very fine high quality Gold mica powder which tends to settle over time at the bottom of the bottle. To get the most glow out of this fabulous oil: Take out the dropper and put the wooden mixing stick inside the bottle, press down on the bottles base and stir in a circular motion. Take the stick out of the bottle, put the dropper back in, screw tightly and Shake well. The oil should now look like the image in the front of this card. Empty Dropper out and then pull back again, the liquid in the dropper should look like liquid gold. If it does not, repeat the first step with the mixing stick again until it does.

Apply this hydrating golden elixir on your arms and legs, for a superior natural looking sheen.

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