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Mexican Handloomed Blanket


Bright and Bold or Sophisticated Cool

Wrap yourself in handloomed history with these gorgeous Mexican Blankets. Choose from a bold, bright, multi-colored hue or a black and white sophisticated beauty. Ideal to use as a bed cover, a sofa throw, or a beach/picnic blanket, these blankets reflect the vibrancy of Mexico in your own home. 

A long history of cozy warmth

Mexican Blankets, also known as Serapes, have been used and worn for hundreds of years. Sometimes worn as a shawl, and sometimes worn as a poncho with a hole for your head, the Serape was the clothing item of choice to keep you warm across the Mexican region. The Blankets in our collection are made by a team of master weavers outside of Oaxaca, led by Rodrigo who learned the craft from his grandmother. His grandmother's loom still holds a place of pride in his workshop.


Machine wash cold and air dry or dry clean.


80'' x 60"

*Please note that because these blankets are hand loomed, variations in sizing may occur. Color variations may occur (lighter or darker) due to the blankets being hand-dyed.

Made of 100% cotton 

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