Marianella Natural Wool Sponge 4-5"


Lets be clear, this is NOT "Just a Sponge" THIS is THE SPONGE. We scoured the world for the softest most luxurious sponge and we found it, in one farm in the Caribbean each Marianella 100% Natural Sea Wool Sponge is the ultimate bath accessory laser cut to fit your palm perfectly. When wet it becomes the softest most lux sponge in the market giving you a washing experience  that will pamper and replenish your skin instead of scratch and remove your skins epidermis leaving it raw like other common market sponges. 

  • 100% Natural and Renewable Resource that is Locally Hand Harvested in the Caribbean. 
  • 4-5 inches in average size.
  • Soft, Luxurious and Very Durable!

Please Note: Dimensions of natural sea sponges are determined with the sponge wet. 

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