Herd Supply Company

kit & caboodle – a year of sheep milk soap


Herd Supply’s Sheep Milk Soap Set is our twist on offering a subscription service. Instead of sending quarterly packages, we will send our entire soap collection to you. Whether you want these to stay in the closet for your personal use, or have the bars on hand to give away as gifts or in care packages, our eight versatile bars of soap will allow you to do that!

Each year of soap includes:

– Hazel – our take on an exfoliating gardener’s bar soap
– Mildred – our take on a London Fog / earl grey tea
– Avon – an exfoliating woodsy bar of soap
– Queenie – a charcoal soap inspired by orange groves and cedar forests
– Kingsley – our smoky bar of soap with subtle notes of peach
– Louise – our take on a bar of chai soap
– Dolly – our classic: a lavender mint bar of soap
– Frances – an exfoliating salt soap bar with grapefruit and lemongrass

Please: For the longest lasting bar you can get your hands on, please use a soap dish.

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