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Hygge for Two by Crated with Love

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Hygge for Two - A Cozy Date Night In

Hygge, the Old Norwegian word for "wellbeing," first appeared in Danish texts at the end of the 19th Century, but has evolved into something more intangible. Some have said hygge wasn't meant to be translated -- it was meant to be felt.

This date night will have you getting cozy and comfortable, perfect for Hygge.

Relationship Focus: Comfort

This date night box is all about consciously providing comfort to one another. You will get opportunities to talk about how you are best comforted -- what gives you the warm-and-fuzzies? What makes you feel safe? What are the ways you feel most comfortable giving comfort to your partner?

This date is perfect for couples who…

The Hygge for Two date night box is perfect for couples who need a break from the craziness and want to just have a nice, easygoing date night.

Allergen Info: This box does not contain any food items.

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