günamüna Duvet Walker Heather Grey 24-36m


The gently weighted günaPOD Sack with Feet combines comfort-induced sleep with a genius easy access zipper for Potty or diaper changes. The luxurious duvet design equally distributes the weight for a full-on giant soothing hug, feeling like a down comforter for your little one

    • The wearable duvet blanket that will lull your baby to sleep and stay asleep longer
    • No need to undress for those diaper changes or potty runs. Just unzip the inseam zipper for easy no-hassle access and stay cozy.
    • Feel the difference. Luxurious, ultra-soft bamboo viscose and Premium fill duvet feels like a cloud.
    • The most generous fit of any sack – wider, longer, larger armholes, is a more comfortable fit.
    • Tested for most desirable weight
    • Thermal-regulating, moisture-wicking fabric, hypoallergenic.
    • So comfortable it puts baby to sleep

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