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Gobbi mobile (7-10 weeks)


The Gobbi mobile for baby at approximately 7-10 weeks

The Gobbi mobile is an essential Montessori toy. These beautiful, airy mobiles are made from a single color spheres in varying shades. They are then hung at a 45 degree angle, with the darkest color hung the lowest and the lightest color in the highest position.

This mobile helps babies work on their visual discrimination skills. The slight change in color is both intriguing and beautiful. And, it will grab baby' s attention in a big way. The Gobbi mobile is the third in the Montessori visual mobile series. It is often introduced between six and eight weeks, sometimes a bit later.

GOBBI mobile is about 30 cm wide and 35 cm tall.
Gobbi balls are about 5 cm in diameter.

Each product is made with lots of love at a smoke free home.


There is a metal loop ring at the top of the frame for hanging which you can use to hang from a crib arm (not included) or from the ceiling. This does not include the crib arm.


This is not a toy, it is intended for decoration only and should be hung out of little ones reach.

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