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Fishpond Nomad Replacement Rubber Net 19'' Boat Extra Deep (Boat and El Jefe Models)


Nomad Replacement Rubber Net - Extra Deep This replacement rubber net fits the following fishpond frames: El Jefe, El Jefe Grande, Mid-Length Boat Net, and Boat Net.


  • Soft rubber net minimizes damage to fish

  • Flies won't get stuck in the mesh

  • Rubber mesh doesn't freeze like nylon

SPECS Extra Large

50# dacron, O-rings, and needle included
19" Diameter - 59.66" Circumference
Special stringing instructions included in the kit, in order to string this net 4 string holes on the frame will have to be skipped.
26" Depth

SPECS Normal

50# dacron, O-rings, and needle included
Use of O-rings optional for El Jefe and El Jefe Grande 
19" Diameter - 59.66" Circumference
14" bag depth

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