American Rhino

Elephant Hair Bracelet Two Strand


In past centuries, tribal elephant hunters made an expandable bracelet from the tail hairs of an elephant following a successful hunt as these prized adornments were said to bring health and prosperity to the wearer.

With elephant populations in a global decline, our elephant hair bracelets are rendered in precious metals while still paying tribute to their cultural significance. Each expandable bracelet is personally hand-crafted using quality sterling silver and 14 k gold-filled wire. These bracelets are handmade by a father-daughter duo out of Botswana and South Africa, respectively, who are carrying on age old traditions within the jewelry making community. 

Withhold a beautiful piece of tradition knowing you have made a contribution to the protection and survival of the magnificent creatures that inspired it


  • Sterling Silver
  • 14 k Gold-filled wire
  • Made in Botswana

10% of your purchase goes to the American Rhino Foundation which directly funds Kenyan wildlife and land conservation, as well as community programs.

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