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Diadem SG Ultra Re String Reel by Diadem Sports


Diadem SG Ultra Reel

Diadem SG Ultra is a signature Synthetic Gut designed to have incredible feel and durability at low cost. Utilizing a unique construction, the minimizes fraying, the soft nylon allows for beginners and intermediate level players to take big swings without the risk of losing control. A great entry level string in the full and hybrid setups. 

SG Ultra is often used in hybrids with polys such as Flash or Pro X or with nylons such as Impulse and Evolution for remarkable touch. Due to the low stiffness rating it can be used at normal tension.

  • Length: 660 ft / 200m
  • Colors: Black, Natural 
  • Gauges Available:
    • 17 (1.25mm)
    • 16 (1.30mm)

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