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Is your future written in the stars? And if so, how does it correlate to your favorite crystals. This in-depth intuitive guide from crystal expert Judy Hall takes a close look at the relationship between crystal healing and astrology. Filled with profound detail, readers will learn which sparkling stones are best suited to their unique astrological makeup. From rising sign to moon sign, there are many ancient patterns caught up in crystals and birthstones and this guide helps us to learn which crystals can complement our lives.

“With this book, I gain a deeper understanding of the zodiac and the benefits of crystal healing so I can shape my own destiny”

For millions of years, astrological signs have been subconsciously guiding us in everything from our love languages to our wisdom and knowledge, our communication styles, and all the choices we make. There are old patterns to shake free and new insights to be gained, and when we understand the best crystals to use to harness that power, the deeper we can heal.

Judy Hall goes to town in this Crystal Zodiac book – sharing information that helps you to prioritize personal growth and mindfulness in the day to day. She maps out each of the crystals associated with the different signs and gives tips and easy to use applications on how these stones can be used for growth and golden living.

From Gemini’s joyful energy to Leo’s remarkable strength, healing stones can bring balance, abundance, protection, and wisdom. They can illuminate our truths and can cleanse our auras and our chakras too. When combined with the zodiac knowledge of how the universe helps to shape us, we can forge new paths to perfect understanding. As usual, Judy Hall is here to be your spirit guide taking you on a journey across the planet and stars.

    • Softcover: 144 pages
    • Author: Judy Hall

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