Creativity for Kids My Story Dolls

Express your emotions creatively by making and sharing 6 different story dolls. My Story Dolls are the perfect mindful craft to help you unwind, unplug and unleash your inner creativity! This open ended craft kit allows you to create entirely unique wooden clothespin dolls. With plenty of supplies to create 6 dolls, this craft set is great for individual play or as a small group activity, sleepover or birthday party. This complete craft kit comes with everything you need to create 6 dolls - Includes 6 classic wooden clothespins with an amazing assortment of craft materials, including: 18-piece clothing set, embroidery floss, felt, lace, rhinestones, hair styling tools, Chenille stems, mini pom poms, fabric tape, stickers, glue, child safe scissors and foam stands. When you are finished creating your dolls, add your mood to the bases with the included stickers. Dress, express and tell your stories with this cute and classic craft kit. My story dolls are the perfect way to help express your mood! Develop self-expression, communication and fine motor skills your child can use for years to come. My Story Dolls feature non-toxic, kid-friendly art and craft materials recommended for ages 6 to 96.

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