American Rhino

Grey Suede Blue Horn Nomad Classic Sneakers


We’re not really supposed to play favorites, but when it comes to our sneakers, The Nomad is pretty much it. With this design, we set out to create an icon—a pair of classic unisex sneakers in luxurious suede or oh-so-cool leather. Our premier sneaker features a fit and feel designed to exceed our biggest sneaker fans' expectations, including comfortable ankle support, memory foam padding, added sole flexibility, and durability. The only things missing are complications, bells, and whistles. Instead, we invested in the quality you can see and feel with handcrafted touches and all the hallmarks of a legendary pair of sneakers. Even though achieving the right balance of simplicity and minimalism is actually quite complicated, The Nomad sits right in the sweet spot. And if you’re looking for ethically made footwear with some serious style cred, look no further, because we only use leather made from hides directly sourced from herdsmen or local abattoirs. You read that right: no animals were harmed for the sole purpose of creating these sneakers.


Quality Kenyan suede/leather
Leather lining
Memory foam insole
Rubber sole
Made in Kenya!

    These sneakers save rhinos. In fact, a portion of the proceeds from every sale go to anti-poaching efforts in Kenya, so you can do good and look great.

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